Friday, October 31, 2008

Failed Early Voting Attempt

With this being Halloween, we thought we could get a head start on the day by taking a little time off work and going to the Norwalk Civic Center to do some early voting. We learned about this option after hearing on the radio last weekend when Kirsten Dunst and Jacob Scoboroff went there to make people aware of this option.

Julie and I were shocked to see it had rained this morning and we were greeted with a very nice early morning rainbow!

So armed with our intent to make our voices heard (and promote the cause of the preservation of our future and of course our waterfalling obsession), we got to Norwalk at around 8:15am. The polling stations were said to be open at 8am.

But when we got there, the lines were already ridiculously long!

Well, knowing that on election day November 4th, we'd be able to go to our local polling station to vote and that there'd be far more stations available to vote in general, we declared this trip a loss and headed back home.

Seriously, it seemed like the queues on the early voting booths defeated the purpose of early voting in the first place - to save time!

All this got me wondering about our antiquated voting process in general.

I mean, if we can perform online banking and credit card transactions, why isn't there online voting? You could register year after year, all records would be in an electronic database, officials can do quick lookups and quickly verify against fraud, and the vote tally would be both accurate and synchronized with the rest of the nation (so no vote would be swayed by early voting results).

I also thought about the long lines in the swing states like Florida, Georgia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, etc. You get the sense that voting frustration (like in our case) would result in lost votes. And you get the sense that voters hoping to vote for Obama and other Democrats are not getting their voices heard with their votes because of this.

Then, I thought about the 2000 election when Florida discounted many minority votes with their "pregnant chads" fiasco. And we all know what happened thereafter...

All the more reason to go electronic!

In any case, we hope the early voting woes doesn't discourage citizens from letting their voice be heard. The world is anxiously watching... anticipating...

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