Friday, October 31, 2008

Rainbows and Waterfalls

After seeing the early morning rainbow at home before our failed attempt to vote early, I was thinking about seeing rainbows around waterfalls. I can't think of any other juxtaposition of features that captivates the imagination as well as make your waterfall memories that much more special than the waterfalls and rainbows combination!

We've seen numerous examples of this throughout our travels. So with rainbows accentuating waterfalls like few other natural features, I wondered whether there's a way to time or position yourself for rainbows together with waterfalls. Indeed, it's one of those things you just can't get enough of, right?

Well, after looking through some old photos, I came to the conclusion that if it's early to mid-morning or mid- to late-afternoon and the sun's behind you, you have your best chance at seeing a nice rainbow in the waterfalls' mist or in the plume of the waterfall itself if you're more or less standing at the same level as the waterfalls itself. The lower the sun's angle, the higher the rainbow arcs before you.

When the sun is the most intense during the middle of the day, you get favorable angles when you're above the waterfall looking down. If you're at eye-level with the middle or base of the waterfall, the rainbow would've been behind the falls and that's why we don't have such waterfall/rainbow photos during the height of day. The higher the sun's angle, the lower the rainbow arcs below you.

So now you know. Now, it's your turn to visit a waterfall on a sunny day and chase your own pot of gold by making your own postcard waterfall photo!

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