Monday, October 20, 2008

Still A Global Warming Skeptic?

I was at work overhearing a conversation between a pair of gentlemen questioning whether Global Warming is caused by mankind. Since Global Warming and Climate Change are something that alters rainfall distribution (and hence adversely affects waterfalls as well as the long term survival of the human race let alone most complex organisms left on the planet), I couldn't help but stop working and listen intently to what they had to say and how they can justify their skepticism.

Among the arguments made were that the sun itself was warming up, that volcanic eruptions were spewing out more carbon dioxide than mankind can put out, and that the warming is part of some long term cycle among others.

While these arguments sound reasonable at the surface, I knew it wasn't the whole story. So I dug up some hard scientific evidence to lay this issue to rest once and for all (for anyone willing to let real science do the talking). I think the following chart provides the most compelling evidence of Global Warming being made worse by mankind...

The above graph shows the carbon dioxide level and temperature levels over the last 400,000 years. Climatologists were able to extract this information from Antarctic ice core samples (basically drilling into ice and pulling out a long cylinder of the stuff) since the Antarctic ice actually captures the concentrations of gases as the ice melts and re-freezes with the seasons year after year.

As you can see, cyclical variations in both carbon dioxide levels and temperature were confined to a range over the last 400,000 years. Also, note the tight correlation between carbon dioxide levels and air temperature! Keep in mind that this time period spanned ice ages, catastrophic volcanic eruptions (even greater than the recent eruptions of Mt St Helens and Mt Pinatubo), and even mankind's occupation of the planet prior to industrialization.

However, beyond 1800AD (near the onset of the Industrial Revolution), notice how the curves jump off the charts on the far right hand side!

I think pictures are worth a thousand words!

I picked this graph because it debunks all the arguments my coworkers were giving in one fell swoop.

Indeed, the evidence has been piling on as more studies are done on the subject by objective scientists without interest in the oil companies and nothing to gain by telling the truth (you can see additional evidence here).

So enough about trying to deny what the science is saying. Let's just accept the facts and do something about it rather than do nothing and let the problem get worse!


Anonymous said...

thanks for the information I'm in a project and its about global warming and how it affects the waterfalls
sorry for my bad english
i'm from Mexico!

Anonymous said...

How do you know CO2 drives the temperature and not the temperature drives the CO2.

Anonymous said...

If rising temperatures drove CO2 levels, then what's the mechanism causing that to happen? Any respected scientific journals with experiments and results that could be reproduced to support this?

At least with the other way around, there have been experiments performed to support CO2 driving temperature.