Sunday, October 19, 2008

What Makes A Waterfall A Waterfall?

After the thousands of waterfalls that Julie and I have seen, we realized that no two are the same.

You could have ones like:
  • Victoria Falls, which is trememdously wide and powerful

  • Angel Falls, which is majestically tall with mist swirling about its skyscraping profile
  • Iguazu Falls, which segments its way between rainforest trees resulting in some 275 distinct waterfalls and cascades
  • Pools of 'Ohe'o, which is a bunch of smaller waterfalls and cascades perfect for a swim
  • Waterwheel Falls, which you care more about how high the water is thrown up instead of falling down!
  • ...and countless more...

Indeed, each waterfall has its own personality, if you will, as well as its own shape (appearance).

But given the tremendous diversity of waterfalls that exist in nature, one nagging question that has always been on our minds is: "What makes a waterfall a waterfall?"

So after giving more thought to try to answer this question, I realized that it's really a more complicated issue than you'd think!


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