Thursday, November 6, 2008

Cautious Optimism

Well now that we can call Barack Obama "Mr President" (uh, well, president-elect until January), I actually feel a sense of hope that policies that will come out of this administration will strive to consider the environment while stimulating the economy in doing so. I think that's good news for waterfalling in general as you need to have a healthy environment in order to have healthy waterfalls.

For far too long, the world's economy disregarded the true cost of goods and services by discounting the amount of resources used and detrimental effects on the environment to procure them.

While I strongly disagree with Obama's support for biofuels and "clean" coal technology, I do get the feeling that he's real serious about carbon caps and truly clean renewable solar and wind energy.

But now the real work begins...

As the economy is in awful shape, I wonder whether Obama's good intentions will be hampered by the fact that America's broke and owes trillions of dollars. I think in order to appreciate the depth and magnitude of what we're in for, we need to look at how long it took Japan to recover (and how they managed to do it) from the bursting of their economy, which was based on artificial wealth. Of course, we can also reflect back on our history lessons and take a closer look at the Great Depression and what it took to get out of that.

I sure hope Obama's vision of a better America will be fulfilled. But I'm certain this will take longer than his current term so I'm actually hoping if he starts the momentum in the right direction that he can get re-elected in 2012 to keep the momentum going...

The expectations and stakes are high, but I'm cautiously optimistic about Obama's Administration. Indeed, we have reason to hope, but it's gonna take more than that to pull through this.

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