Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Kiwi Anniversary

Today marks our fourth year wedding anniversary, which took place in New Zealand.

Julie and I have very fond memories of that moment as well as the honeymoon thereafter.

And when we take a step back and see what that fateful trip did to us, we appreciate how it ended up changing our lives for the better.

You see, it was the trip that singlehandedly turned our waterfalling into a global endeavor. And as we met different people, we've learned more about different cultures, different places, and different perspectives. We also saw different landscapes, different ecosystems, different climates, a variety of natural features (especially waterfalls), and more!

All of this helped us to better understand our world from how it works to why things are happening. Plus, it made us grow even more as individuals and motivated us to invest our time, passion, and energy to try to make our world a better place (you might be able to tell from some of the recent articles and blog entries).

Indeed, today is a very special day for us.

We hope you get to experience similar joys. Plus, we certainly hope we can keep going like this.


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Anonymous said...

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