Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Rain At Last

This past weekend, Southern California saw its first true rain storm of the season. Needless to say, it was badly needed as California is officially in a drought.

Even though we love sunny weather, I actually appreciate it when it rains because it replenishes waterfalls, momentarily clears up the smog and yields nice vistas of snow-capped San Bernardino Mountains, and supplies much-needed freshwater to the people who call this place home.

Besides, rain kind of affirms a natural cyclic order of things. If it stopped raining altogether, something just seems wrong.

In fact, rain couldn't even put a damper on the morning of Election Tuesday (have you voted yet?).

But not all's fine and dandy with the rain.

That's because it managed to wet the interior of my car. You see with all the heat from our nearly perpetual Summer, I tend to leave the windows a little open to let out some of the heat accumulated when the car is parked. And because of that move, I ended up going to work with a wet behind and sticky, dirty hands (from the dirty steering wheel combined with water).

All things considered though, I hope the rain keeps coming.

We need it!

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