Sunday, November 2, 2008

Running Out Of Clean Water?

While most of us rejoice at the nearly constant sunny weather in Southern California (where Winters are nearly nonexistent), I was certainly happy when it rained this weekend.

Granted, it's not nearly enough to undo our drought situation, but when I came across this blog entry this morning, I was reminded that diminishing rainfall distribution is merely a small part of the overall problem of freshwater availability.

Indeed, our waterfalling endeavors have made us well aware of this issue.

Especially in the case of Los Angeles as well as other municipalities throughout the American Southwest, drastic measures in terms of agro-business clean-up, our own water consumption habits, and water procurement (e.g. desalinization) must occur or else we face dire consequences not unlike those we'll face by ignoring global warming or peak oil or overpopulation or the depletion of other natural resources (notice how all of these are related?).

It's worrying to say the least, but as citizens with the option to cast a vote, it's up to us to vote in the people and the measures that we think will actually do something about our environment (and shoot down those where we can smell the BS).

Sure, it's not easy with all the misleading advertisements flooding the airwaves and the discouragingly confusing text presented in the ballot, but our future (and that of our kids) depends on the actions we take by exercising our right to cast an informed vote.

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