Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thailand Trip In Jeopardy

It's not normal for me to blog about a trip that isn't happening for another month, but this is a major issue that has been bugging Julie and I ever since we've been following its developments right after the end of our Africa trip.

In fact, we went through similar political uncertainty following the post-election turmoil in Kenya as well as the pre-election problems in Zimbabwe.

Unfortunately, we're already committed to the Thailand trip since we've already paid for it. The question is whether we should subject ourselves to their political chaos by making our money count (that trip isn't cheap since it's peak season in December) or just declare a big loss and not go on that trip. We're currently taking a wait-and-see approach right up to the last minute crossing our fingers.

As for what the political situation is about, here's the latest from CNN as well as another article trying to break down why it's taking place.

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