Friday, November 7, 2008

Woman Dies In Skiing Accident In New Zealand

This tragic event caught my attention in a New Zealand Herald headline. The only details released at the moment were from an officer investigating the scene who said she fell into a waterfall hole on the western side of Mt Ruapehu in the Turoa Ski Field.

The waterfall piqued my curiosity since I've been to Mangawhero Falls and Waitonga Falls both of which are on the slopes of Mt Ruapehu. But we never made further upslope at the Turoa Ski Field (it's actually accessible via Whakapapa as opposed to Ohakune).

Then, I chanced upon this blog ( with a photo gallery of a snowboarding trip where a snowboard fell into a waterfall hole in the Turoa Ski Field (the photos here came from that blog). I wonder if it was the same waterfall hole involved in the skiing accident.

I'm sure it's all speculation at this point, but since waterfalls generally occur where the terrain is steepest, do be careful when you're around them, and exercise more caution when you leave the groomed runs.

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Moby said...

Thats the same waterfall alright.

From memory its a steep little chute that you think youll be able to ride out of...

That weekend one of our crew dropped his board climbing out, which ended up in the hole.

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