Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Broken Camera Lens (again)

It's now our third night in Chiang Mai. Up to this point, we've seen about 8 major waterfalls (6 in the Chiang Mai vicinity alone) with perhaps the best one so far being the Mae Ya Waterfall. To complement all the waterfall sightings, we've also seen numerous temples (including Doi Suthep and the chedis atop Doi Ithannon), Pong Dueat (a tiny hot spring and geyser area), and bustling night markets (including the Sunday Walking Street, the New Years Festival on the moat, and the Chiang Mai bazaar night market).

Well, that's the good news to report. The bad news was that today while atop Doi Ithannon (Thailand's highest mountain), my camera lens on my Canon EOS was acting up again. I suspected it was because some salt water got into it when a guy with wet hands (from the ocean water at Maya Beach in Phi Phi Island) was taking our picture. This one barely lasted 6 months. Eventually, the zooming on the camera failed as salt probably crystallized and jammed (or did something to) the fine gears within the lens.

Fortunately, at the end of the day, we went to the Panthip Computer Plaza in Chiang Mai where they sold lots of electronics. There, we were lucky to find a replacement lens (not cheap) . I was certainly glad the camera failure happened near a big city and not some place remote like Umphang. We still have half the trip left so hopefully this salvages our ability to capture moments and scenes from this trip and thus salvage it...

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