Sunday, December 14, 2008

La Jolla Canyon Falls

Photo by Myung J. Chun, Los Angeles TimesThis was a forgotten waterfall before I happened to chance upon it in the LA Times.

I believe it was back in the 2002 or 2003 timeframe when we were still visiting local waterfalls. However, we had a typically dry winter and we were naive about visiting waterfalls. After all, we were in the correct season and assumed the falls must be flowing. Well, lo and behold, we ended up visiting a trickling waterfall. That fact that we took no photos attested to our disappointment (and was probably why we had forgotten about it).

Oh well, at least Julie got to shop at Camarillo afterwards as the consolation prize. But perhaps with a storm that promises to deliver this week, maybe that might mean some much-needed rain and perhaps an opportunity to get re-acquainted with this waterfall...

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