Sunday, January 11, 2009

Back From Thailand And Cambodia

As I compose this entry, Julie and I are currently stricken with yet another bout of food poisoning. Both of us have had or either have fever, constant diarrhea, and nausea.

We couldn't figure out what did it this time though the primary suspects are the som tam and Thai iced tea at an overpriced and subpar airport restaurant in Bangkok, me brushing my teeth at one of the departure gates in Bangkok without bottled water (certainly a candidate since I got it first before Julie which is very usual), Bangkok Air sandwich with raw lettuce, or Cathay Air meals (which I'm less inclined to believe since it's all stir fry and I had lost my appetite by then).

Exacerbating this was that nothing seemed to work at home. Phone, cable, internet, and even our water filter seemed to give the water a mouldy smell. It wasn't until around the time I'm composing this blog entry that the internet was finally working again. It was also somewhat ironic that there were lots of dead crickets strewn about on the floor (and no I'm not going to try to eat them). The price shock of going from Thai and Cambodian prices on food back to American prices didn't help matters.

In any case, we're back from our first Asian adventure together. While it wasn't optimal in terms of waterfall hunting and a bit heavy on the temples, it was certainly fun and educational nonetheless. Health, time, and technological troubles permitting, I hope to update the World of Waterfalls website with content from this latest escapade. Stay tuned...

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