Tuesday, January 6, 2009

One More Night In Bangkok

Murray Head's old 80s song once said that "One night in Bangkok makes the hard man humble." I wonder what happens if you spend another night in Bangkok?

Well, that's exactly what we're doing as we're concluding the Thailand portion of our trip. Tomorrow, we're headed to Cambodia for a brief jaunt to see Angkor Wat. I'm actually pretty templed out since Thailand has no shortage of them, but Julie promised me that this one is on a different scale than the Thai ones we've seen so far.

Unfortunately, we're not seeing any waterfalls in Cambodia, but after seeing a particular tourism TV ad about it during this trip, I know for sure there are some nice waterfalls here. That'll have to wait for a future trip...

In any case, I can see the end of the trip is near. Even though I might be a tad homesick at this point in the trip, I'm pretty sure that the travel lust will return shortly thereafter and I'll be longing for our next trip...

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