Monday, January 5, 2009

The Waterfall Portion Of Thailand Trip Concluded

Today, we visited the last waterfall of the trip at Khlong Lan Waterfall about an hour's drive from Kamphaeng Phet (4 hours north of Bangkok). Prior to that, we bagged Thailand's prized Thi Lo Su Waterfall (yeah, I know there are a zillion ways of spelling this) as well as a couple of smaller waterfalls along the way. Even with these waterfalls bagged, there were more waterfalls I felt we could've visited had our program been a little more flexible (one near Lampang, another near Mae Sot, and yet another in Lan Sang National Park come to mind). Oh well, in any case, we've gotten our fill of waterfalls as well as temples (which Thailand has no shortage of) and beaches, which occurred at the very beginning of our trip.

So with all this sightseeing, we figured to treat ourselves to a little Thai massage. Well, a few sores and bruises later, I can say that it was quite a different experience. Though I'm not sure if I'd call it "relaxing."

Stay tuned as later this month, we'll update the website with a new Asia section as well as include some travel stories of our most recent escapades...

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