Sunday, February 8, 2009

Relaxing Day Trip to Malibu

After a pretty relaxing day out in the Santa Monica Mountains and the Malibu area, we're back to report that we had ourselves a nice time in nice (albeit breezy and cool) weather. In fact, my brother called us and said it was still pouring rain back at my parents' place. Just goes to show you how dramatically different the weather can be in the Los Angeles basin alone!

Anyways, we managed to bag Escondido Canyon Falls and La Jolla Canyon Falls. Escondido Falls was pleasant, but the scramble to the upper waterfall was unsuccessful. As for the 2nd waterfall, it was our second time going there. And despite the rain storm, the falls was still dry!!! I don't believe this falls ever flows unless you have a year like the record rains of 2005. Otherwise, this one isn't flowing...

We'll update the website in the next couple days to capture all this (and perhaps add a new local travel blog entry) of this rather spontaneous yet rewarding day out.

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