Tuesday, May 5, 2009

China In The Past Week

It had been a while since we were last able to access the internet (I think we were last in Leshan, Sichuan Province to be exact).

Lots has happened since then.

Here's a quick update.

We headed to northern Sichuan Province which happened to be a little further than Chengdu (epicenter was closer to Wenchuan just NW of Chengdu) to the May 12th earthquake that ravaged this province last year. But in the touristed areas of Jiuzhaigou (9 Village Gully) and Huanglong (Yellow Dragon), you couldn't tell there was an earthquake at all. Anyways, we went there looking for waterfalls (which we saw), but came out of there dreaming about lakes and mountains...

Next, we headed to Xi'an, which is pretty much a haven for historical buffs. It's also internationally reknowned so you see more than just Chinese tourists here (more like the United Nations of tourists). Anyways, we did do a marathon trip out to see the Hukou (Teapot) Waterfall and of course the obligatory Terracota Warriors. But what caught us off guard was the multitude of markets and the vibrance of the city center.

We're now waiting out (more like doing some more last minute touring) of Xi'an before going to Zhangjiajie in the Hunan Province (Chairman Mao's home province). But it's not about the history we're there for. It's more about mountains and waterfalls. What else?

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