Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fuji Waterfalls

We went a little out of the way to the western side of Mt Fuji today in search of a pair of waterfalls called Shiraito-no-taki and Otodome-no-taki.

Indeed it was a little pricey and inconvenient because it requires about an hour long bus ride from Kawaguchiko which is very infrequent. Even the info center at Kawaguchiko Station didn't recommend going there.

But being as waterfall obsessed as we are, we went anyways and boy we're glad we did it. Mt Fuji was a bit blocked and hazy anyways from its Western and Northeastern face (but strangely not the Northwestern face) so that kind of made our decision easier I guess.

Anyways, more details and photos to come once we get the website updated when we get back in another 2 more weeks. Stay tuned...

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