Saturday, May 30, 2009

Japan's Twin Towers

Today seemed like a very long day of trains, trains, and more trains. Plus a 40-minute round trip bus ride. All this was to go from Matsumotooooo to Toyama, and then to Tateyama, and ultimately Shomyodaki and Hannokidaki.

Both Shomyo and Hannoki Waterfalls are probably Japan's tallest pair of waterfalls.

And we definitely had to earn this one first with all the logistics, and then enduring some drenching rain (so just about everything's soaked despite having our ponchos on) during the walk to the falls. But at least the clouds didn't cover the falls when we got right up to it, and we managed to take some decent photos despite rain, wind, and mist.

On the way back to Toyama from Tateyama, we narrowly missed a connecting train (it's tough when everything's in Japanese and you don't speak the language). Had we not taken that connection, we would've missed the Toyama Station completely and gone somewhere far away.

I don't know what it is about the non-JR lines, but it seems we always have some sort of drama...

Well now that that's over with, we're taking a quick breather from waterfalls en route to Kyoto and Nara for the next couple of days...

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