Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mistimed Trip

Today, we encountered our first real waterfalling disappointment. The Diaoshuilou Waterfall was for the most part dry (except for a little bit of trickle at its base). The breadth and height of the cliff kind of shows how impressive this waterfall would've been, but these days, you only get to see the falls in the height of the rainy season (mid to late Summer) and diminishes in flow until the October time frame.

Indeed, my miscalculation that Spring would be a good time to go waterfalling in the Northern Hemisphere only holds for North America and Europe. In Asia, it seems that Autumn is the best season. And this is something that we have noticed throughout this trip from the alpine scenery of Jiuzhaigou/Huanglong to the tropical karst scenery at Detian Waterfall and even up in the frigid Heilongjiang Province.

I guess you live and learn. Perhaps in the future (not sure when), we'll come back to China in the Autumn or late Summer. There are still places like Yellow Mountain (Huang Shan), Tibet, Hainan Island, Taiwan, and Lijiang (in Yunnan Province), etc. that we haven't touched on this trip. Perhaps some return visits to Jingpo Hu (Mirror Lake) and Diaoshuilou Waterfall as well as Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong as well as the Detian Waterfall might be on the agenda in some future trip. We'll see...

In the mean time, we're now in Dunhua. Tomorrow, we're heading up to Changbai Shan (Everwhite Mountain). The weather has been surprisingly mild and even warm in these parts so far. Perhaps we might get lucky with the weather and see Heaven Lake (Tianchi). We'll see how that plays out...

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