Sunday, May 24, 2009

Nikko is Nippon

We have made it from Akiu Onsen to Nikko today. We managed to get to Nikko in time for some afternoon temple visiting, which are World Heritage quality.

We had to endure some rain while visiting the temples here, but it was a nice way to cap off an otherwise tough logistical day since we did initially have trouble finding the Turtle Inn Annex as it involved navigating through various small streets with no real clear indication we were going the right way (unless you could understand Japanese script).

While we were in Akiu Onsen yesterday, we finally got to see our first Japanese waterfall at Akiu Otaki. This one had pretty good flow, but instability in the cliffs kept us from finishing the path that would lead to its base. I guess it wasn't meant to be, but the views from the upper overlook behind the shrine were quite good anyways.

Tomorrow, rain or shine, we're headed to Chuzenji-ko and the Kegon Waterfall as well as Yumoto Onsen and the Ryuzu Waterfall and Yudaki. If we're doing well on time (and Mother Nature is kind to us), we might be able to see the Kifuri Waterfall as well. We'll see how this all plays out...

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