Saturday, June 6, 2009

Big Snow Mountain Waterfalls

Today was the first time in almost two months that we were actually driving a car. Actually, I think it's the first time in Asia that we've driven a car. There were some anxious moments before actually renting the Corolla since we feared the language barrier and that most signs were in Japanese.

Still, with the GPS handy, some research notes, and a lot of time and patience, we managed to visit the Daisetsuzan National Park. The kanji characters translated directly in Chinese seems to be "Big Snow Mountain." So we expected snowmelt waterfalls, and this park delivered on 3 of the 4 waterfalls we wanted to see - Ginga-no-taki, Ryusei-no-taki, and Hagoromo-no-taki. Shikishima-no-taki was a no-go because the trail was closed due to bears.

Tomorrow, the waterfalling continues in Shiretoko National Park. But the forecast calls for 70% chance of rain so we'll see how it all plays out when we're out there.

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