Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Bonus Waterfall

Yesterday, I had said Nachi-no-taki would be the last waterfall we'd see while in Honshu.

Well, I lied.

Turned out that after visiting the Himeji-jo, we had some time to explore a little bit of Kobe. And that included a late afternoon stroll to the Nunobiki Falls, which was right behind the Shin-Kobe JR and Metro Station.

Sure Nunobiki Falls weren't blockbusters, but they'd be pretty nice by Southern California standards.

It's actually four distinct natural waterfall tiers with a few minor cascades and man-modified waterfalls spread out in between. At the very top of the hike above the 3rd and 4th tiers was a nice observation area overlooking the port city of Kobe.

All in all, it was a great way to end off our last full day in Honshu. Tomorrow, we embark on a weeklong journey into Hokkaido...

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