Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Holy Waterfall

We're currently in Osaka trying to recover from the last couple of days in the Kii Peninsula and all the travel and logistics that went along with it.

The very reason for us going to the remote Kii Peninsula on the Kansai section of Honshu (Japan's main island) was to see the Nachi Waterfall (Nachi-no-taki). It's supposedly Japan's tallest plunge waterfall, but it's more noteworthy to the Japanese for it's considered a holy waterfall as evidenced by some impressive temples and shrines in the area punctuated by a pagoda providing one of those rare waterfall/temple combinations in a photo.

And while the falls may be holy, wrestling with the Hotel Urashima's ridiculous boat schedule was not. Not only did their boat schedule result in us having to rush our waterfall visit in a mere 50 minutes of actual visiting time (had we missed the 2:50pm boat to the hotel, we'd be stuck in Kii-Katsuura until 7pm which was when the boat next took off!), but we narrowly made our 7:35am boat ride back to the main island (after a 7am breakfast that wouldn't open earlier). Had we missed that boat, we'd be stuck in the hotel until at least 10am without any assurances of when we'd get to Osaka due to the infrequency of the 4-hour trains that pass by this way.

Anyhow, venting aside, we did feel like we got to experience the Nachi Waterfall to the best of our ability, and that will be it for our waterfalling in Honshu. Further waterfalling in Japan will continue in Hokkaido, which we should be visiting in a couple of days...

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