Sunday, June 7, 2009

On The Doorstep Of Shiretoko National Park

Today, we journeyed over 220km in a span of over 5 hours (not because of winding roads, but because of the ridiculously slow 50km/h speed limit) to the town of Utoro. This is our base for exploring Shiretoko National Park - perhaps Japan's wildest remaining stretch of land where Nature is allowed to thrive.

Fortunately, we saw the Oshinkoshin Waterfall on the way up there to break up the otherwise dreary travel day where it rained pretty hard no matter where in Hokkaido we were at. This waterfall had two parallel wide sections and it was very close to the Sea of Okhotsk (separating Siberia from Hokkaido).

It was a tremendous introduction to the Shiretoko area and we hope for more incredible scenery tomorrow if the weather improves...

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