Monday, June 8, 2009

Waterfalled Out In Shiretoko

Today was a very, very busy day of sightseeing in Shiretoko National Park. Well, actually, it was more like sightseeing off the coast of Shiretoko National Park in the Sea of Okhotsk.

Waterfall sightings included Furepe Waterfall, Kamuiwakka Waterfall, and Kashuni Falls (among the major ones) along with some minor ones like "Man's Tears," Yunohana Falls, and other unnamed ones spread out along the coast amongst some fishing hamlets and sea walls (isn't this place supposed to be unspoiled?).

We also saw an eagle, many brown bears, and some hard-to-photograph dolphins among others on this tour.

As our 500+ photos taken on this day attests, it was certainly a busy day of sightseeing. But now that we're all waterfalled out, it's probably not likely that we're going to see the Kumagoe Waterfall near Rausu en route to Lake Akan and Kushiro Wetlands tomorrow. On top of that, Julie's phobia of bears is keeping me from even entertaining this idea.

So that probably concludes the waterfalling on this 2-month marathon trip.

Only three more days to go before we return home...

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