Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Age Of Decommissioning Dams?

As a waterfall lover, we've never been big fans of dams let alone any other water diversion or water obstruction scheme whether it's for hydroelectricity, irrigation, or whatever. Having established that there are plenty of uses for water as well as big consequences for some of these uses, imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon a New York Times article suggesting that this may be the era of removing dams.

Now I've heard of plenty of controversial projects in recent memory (like Three Gorges in China, Kahranjukar in Iceland, etc.) so I'm sure we're not quite ready to declare this era just yet. However, plenty of whitewater enthusiasts are sure welcoming the fact that many dams in the US are being taken down allowing many rivers and streams to be restored back to their normal natural selves. You can read the article here and decide for yourself whether this bit of rare positive news is true indeed...

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