Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Which Waterfalls Did The Iranian-Detained American Hikers Look For?

Recently there has been plenty of press coverage concerning three American hikers who accidentally crossed into Iran while hiking in the Ahmed Awa resort area of the Kurdish Autonomous Region of Iraq. When the news reported that the Ahmed Awa area was known for mountains and waterfalls, that certainly piqued my interest (obviously, since we're big waterfall fans ourselves). But photos of this particular waterfall seemed to be quite hard to find amidst the noise of the political implications of this arrest.

While I find this incident to be an unfortunate case where political agendas have prevented intrepid travelers from seeing the world and especially the Nature that's left, I did manage to find someone's photostream that displays what could very well be one of the falls these hikers were looking for, which you can see here.


Joe said...

I also wondered about the waterfall and photos of it. In my case it was because I visited a Kurdish waterfall and took photos in 2004. I hadn't posted them anywhere partly because I was never sure where I had been (other than being told several times we were only a kilometer or two from the Iranian border, something the hikers said they didn't know!). I post on Panoramio, and found a place marked Ahmed Awaa. Among my photos I don't have any decent photos of the main waterfall, but I do have a couple I took of the little falls inside a grotto at the top. Here is one of them: http://www.panoramio.com/photo/25337138. (Click on my name to see my other areas.) I found someone else's photo geo-located at the same place. That photo is at: http://www.panoramio.com/photo/7132099. It looks like the same waterfall as you found on Flickr. (Note especially the photo on the far right.) I didn't see geo-tagging on the Flickr ones, but maybe I missed it.

Joe said...

P.S.: I will show my ignorance by asking this here: How can I add links instead of URLs to a blog post, to jump to photos? (Perhaps the moderator can catch this before it goes up. I didn't info anywhere, and I what I use on Panoramio didn't work.)

Also, I meant to say you can check my other "photos" under my name!

Kany said...

I was actually there when the three hikers were hiking over the waterfall. we all screamed at them trying to get away from that area but since there were so many arabic men, you couldn't even hear my group's voice! they paid no attention to us, they just kept on hiking. :/
in other words, that place is very beautiful. i'm kurdish myself and this summer was my very first time going to such a beautiful and peaceful place. all i have to say that the walk from the picnic area down the hill is about 2 hours away from the waterfall. i almost died walking that path!