Saturday, August 8, 2009

Finger Lakes #1 Lakeside Destination In The World?

When I saw this bit of news, I was a bit in disbelief.

I mean, that would suggest it beat out various places with lakes like Crater Lake (Oregon), all those lakes in Jiuzhaigou (China), Lake Maligne (Canadian Rockies), Yellowstone Lake (Yellowstone, Wyoming), the Fuji 5 Lakes or even Mashu-ko (Japan), even Lake Tahoe or Mammoth Lakes (California). And these are just the places that immediately come to mind. I'm sure there are many out there that I missed.

But then again, I thought about our time over there a couple of Summers ago and perhaps there's some merit to this claim. After all, we felt we saw the best of Western New York and the handful of waterfalls we saw over there didn't hurt either. We can close our eyes and picture the colonial-looking towns, people seeking relief from the heat and humidity, and being pleasantly surprised by gorges that reminded me of the kinds we saw in the American Southwest.

To read more about this honor, click here.

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