Friday, August 21, 2009

Seesawing Weather

Today, we've returned to Portland (all the way in northern Oregon) after starting the day near Diamond Lake about a half-hour north of Crater Lake (way down in southern Oregon). The day started off bitterly cold (around 44 degrees F) before it gradually started warming up as we visited Watson Falls. However, Toketee Falls was closed due to trail damage, and this was a real bummer as I really looked forward to seeing how it would've compared to Svartifoss in Iceland.

When we got to Roseburg and headed north on the I-5, it was actually overcast and drizzling! Compared to the last couple of days where we were experiencing above 90 degrees F (even 100 degrees F in Eugene on Wednesday), today never got above 72 degrees F. It was cloudy most of the day before we visited the Columbia River Gorge again later in the afternoon (finally getting to see the Lower Oneonta Falls, which requires a bit of an adventure). By then, the clouds were retreating westward and we were under some late afternoon sun. I don't know if this means we can visit Southern Washington tomorrow under blue skies or not, but I figured today's weather was more typical of Pacific Northwest weather than what we started with on Wednesday...

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