Saturday, September 12, 2009

Google Maps and Other Things

Over the long weekend, I had been working on getting Google Maps into as many of our waterfall pages as possible. This is a real tall order since we've got over a thousand of these pages to deal with. So instead, we've completed adding in maps to all of the waterfalls we've been to in the USA. I figured people self-driving here would want to know where the falls are located.

I'll try to get GoogleMaps put into the remaining pages (self-driving destinations first) as time becomes available...

On a different note, we've added a page on travel logistics in the Pacific Northwest.

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miirose said...

What a great idea! I already try to locate some of the waterfalls on Google Earth just for fun. I am in the process of putting my own vacations on Google Earth. Eventually I will make them public in a web environment.