Sunday, September 6, 2009

Thrill-Seeker With Spinal Injuries At Waterfall

(photo courtesy of The Territorian)
We just got this bit of news about a guy who managed to injure his spinal cord after doing a waterfall jump at Sandy Creek Falls in Litchfield National Park, which itself sits in the Northern Territory of Australia.

In our trip to that region back in the Summer of 2006, I recalled not being able to make it to the falls because the 4wd road was closed. Although we were disappointed at the time, perhaps it was a good thing since saltwater crocs were marauding the area thanks to Cyclone Monica passing through a few weeks prior to our arrival.

Anyways, while I've known and witnessed many people who do waterfall jumps, it's not something I recommend doing. We haven't done it ourselves as we're pretty content to just photograph waterfalls and be around them.

But for those who can't resist the temptation of a thrill or to impress people, check out this article.

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