Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Some WoW Rearranging

Back when I started this website over three years ago, we weren't sure how to organize the material we wanted to share with you. What you're seeing on the World of Waterfalls today largely began from the somewhat arbitrary and haphazard decisions made back then. In some cases it seemed to have worked, but in others, we ended up with some orphan regions.

So I spent this week trying to address some of these orphaned regions and the result was some rearranged pages in the Pacific Northwest, American Southwest, and even Europe.

Perhaps the biggest changes were in the Pacific Northwest as we've incorporated waterfalls that were once on the Yellowstone pages into the states of Idaho and Wyoming.

Now I'm sure some of this rearranging will leave some geographical purists scratching their heads asking why Idaho and Wyoming are in the Pacific Northwest. While we recognize this controversy, we're sticking with our partitions to facilitate the organization of this website. Moreover, I'm sure with changes like this, there may be some broken links so if you happen to catch any, please let us know!

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