Monday, November 16, 2009

Headed to Kerala

We'd been without internet for several days (not since Shillong over 10 days or so ago). So during that time, we'd been to Mumbai, Goa (Calangute and Panjim), Sirsi, and Murudeshwar. We've visited Dudhsagar Falls, Magod Falls, Sathodi Falls, Jog Falls, and Unchalli Falls. And even though our experiences in Karnataka state was more like roughing it, we probably had our best waterfalling in the country here.

Now, we're headed to Kerala. There are two more waterfalls to go in Athirapilly Falls and Courtallam Falls (in Tamil Nadu state).

We're looking forward to seeing this part of the country where it's said to have the most successful socialist state in India and possibly the world. And given the amount of poverty we've seen so far, we'd be real interested in seeing how Kerala compares.

Besides, we're looking forward to fish curries or something more substantial than the vegetarian sweets and snacks we'd been eating for the past 3 days.

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