Friday, November 27, 2009

India Waterfalls Now On WoW

Battling through Thanksgiving food coma and a stubborn cold, I've at least managed to put in the India Waterfalls that we've visited earlier this month. So far, our sampling of 16 falls spanned five states, including some famous ones like Jog Falls and Dudhsagar Falls as well as some of the more obscure ones like Unchalli Falls and Nohkalikai Falls.

There are still more waterfalls I wish to visit that we couldn't get to on this trip for one reason or another. But we think we've seen some of India's best as well atmospheric waterfalls even in our current humble survey. In fact, we've even changed our Top 10 Asian Waterfalls list to reflect how some of the country's best stacked up against the incumbents we've seen from other Asian countries.

I'm hoping to finish putting in the whole India section including travel stories, other attractions, and some informational pages on weather and some practicalities as well as putting in Google Maps for the specific waterfalls we've just seen in India. So stay tuned, but in the mean time, come check out the beauties just put onto WoW!

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