Friday, November 20, 2009

Thank You, India!

After an adventurous 19 nights in India, we're now winding down our trip by spending a few nights in the Maldives, where fortunately, there's complementary internet. Thus, I can compose this entry. This part of the trip isn't meant for waterfalling, but after some hectic traveling in the subcontinent, I think we've seen enough waterfalls for the time being.

Since our last entry where we were at the Mangalore Airport in Karnataka state en route to the Cochin Airport in Kerala state, we've visited the Athirappilly Falls, Palaruvi Falls, Courtallam Falls, Old Courtallam Falls, and Five Falls. The first two falls are in the state of Kerala while the last three are in the state of Tamil Nadu.

To break up the waterfalling, we also enjoyed Marari Beach as well as the backwaters of Kerala.

We look forward to sharing our Indian experiences through the World of Waterfalls website when we return next week. But to summarize the last three weeks, let's just say it was both adventurous, unexpected, chaotic, and peaceful.

I echo the sentiment of Canadian singer Alanis Morrisette when she said "Thank you, India" in her song "Thank You." But instead of ironic enlightenment on her part, we once again feel a sense of enlightenment just by experiencing different cultures, peoples, and landscapes.

Indeed, despite what our expectations might have been prior to visiting India, the country always manages to defy them in some way shape or form. I'm glad we came here, and I hope we can come back to see other parts of India that we simply didn't have time for the first time around...

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