Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Busy As

Since our last posting, we had done quite a bit of moving around. After spending time in the Blenheim wine country area and being guests at a Kiwi family dinner, we ferried over to Wellington (aka Wellywood since it's the film and media capital as well as the capital city of NZ) where we enjoyed another rare day of sunny skies.

Even though the weather was fine, it was very windy. I guess that's nothing new for that city.

Today, we visited the rarely touristed Tararua area where we saw the impressive Waihi Falls. Unfortunately, we were never able to visit the private Mangatiti Falls (also in the Tararua area) because the landowners were probably on holiday (like a large percentage of other Kiwis this time of year). It just wasn't meant to be.

We're now in Palmerston North in the heart of sheep and cattle grazing country. Even though the city felt kind of dead as, we did manage to witness a bit of a gang scuffle Maori style. This was certainly something we didn't expect, but our trips are seemingly full of the unexpected.

Tomorrow, we're headed to the Taranaki area. Hopefully the weather holds up so Mt Taranaki might show its elusive self.

Stay tuned...

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