Saturday, January 2, 2010

Rain Follows Us

We thought the Marlborough region and the Abel Tasman National Park were supposed to be some of the sunnier regions of New Zealand's South Island. Instead, we ended up with yet another variable day of heavy rains and mostly cloudy skies with only pockets of sun breaking through. It just seems that no matter where we go on this trip, the rain follows us. Perhaps yesterday's gorgeous weather in Kaikoura was merely a head fake.

In any case, we managed to make the long drive from Nelson to Wainui Falls. The falls was nice, and the excursion proved to be rather popular. However, our day pretty much amounted to this bit of sightseeing as well as a brief stint at Totaranui Beach. But nothing more came out of today especially with the dreary weather.

There was some jazz festival that started today in Nelson. Unfortunately, we didn't join in the festivities. Perhaps I was just too tired from all the hiking and driving. With tomorrow being a rest day, perhaps this is our chance to get caught up on sleep and get revived for the North Island part of the trip after the ferry ride the day after tomorrow...

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