Friday, February 12, 2010

Down With Up

Julie and I just finished watching the DVD for Up

Julie basically picked up this movie because there was talk about a Paradise Falls in the movie that was somehow inspired by Angel Falls. After seeing Avatar (and mistakenly thinking Angel Falls would make an appearance there), we just had to see for ourselves what this was all about!

And while the movie started off with some noticeable similarities in the story line with the Jimmy Angel story (e.g. Charlie Muntz as Jimmy Angel? Paradise Falls as Angel Falls? Jimmy Angel's plane atop the falls analogous to the Fredricksons wanting to put a house atop the falls? The lost world as the nearly pristine tepuy tops? All that Roaring 20s and Great Depression era music from the time when Jimmy Angel first "discovered" the falls?). Clearly the writers were quite influenced by the real thing in Venezuela.

But then quickly the movie sucked us in with what turned out to be a very heartfelt story, and perhaps a suggestion for everyone to go on that adventure (before life passes you by) since you only live once and you never know just what you might find...

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