Friday, February 5, 2010

New Waterfalls from New Zealand and Cook Islands

With all the swing shift hours I had to work in the last two weeks, it was a real struggle to get the World of Waterfalls updated with the latest info from New Zealand and the Cook Islands.

But, I managed to persevere, and now the website has been updated with 17 new waterfalls in New Zealand as well as more photos and videos added to some of the old waterfalls we had visited on our previous trip to the country (and re-visited on our latest trip). In addition to that, the South Pacific pages now have a Cook Islands page with a waterfall we managed to visit there, too!

And as a reminder, we've retooled three of our Top 10 Waterfalls Lists (i.e. the World's Top 10 Waterfalls, the Top 10 New Zealand Waterfalls, and the Top 10 Iceland Waterfalls). After all, sometimes perspectives and tastes get refined with each new experience added to the library of experiences in one's life. Hey, we warned you that those lists are ever evolving...

Finally, I also wanted to remind you that we've also added travel stories pertaining to our latest year-end escapades in New Zealand and Cook Islands.

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