Tuesday, March 23, 2010

March Madness Has Two Sides In Cornell University

Even though Julie and I were in Big Sur this past weekend while the first two rounds of March Madness (The NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Field of 65 teams) took place, the success of Ivy League school Cornell University didn't go unnoticed by me.

But when some of the players made mention during interviews about suicides that have been occurring on campus, I then noticed an article from the Examiner featuring the Thurston Avenue Bridge and a waterfall right by it. Now, during our trip to Western New York, which included some waterfalls near Ithaca, New York (where Cornell University is located), we missed the waterfall here.

Unfortunately, this bridge is also the site of three suicides by students who leaped off the bridge into the gorge below. We can only imagine what's making students drive themselves to suicide (this is surprisingly an issue in high achieving academic environments), but perhaps this article might shed some more light on what's going on...

[photo: Cornell's Thurston Avenue bridge crosses a scenic part of the campus, but it is also the site of tragedy. (AP Photo/Heather Ainsworth)]

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