Sunday, March 28, 2010

Return To San Antonio Falls

This morning, we made another quick getaway to see a familiar local waterfall. This time, we went to San Antonio Falls, which sits on the slopes of Mt San Antonio (otherwise famously known as Mt Baldy). We could tell from the relatively hot weather we've been getting lately and the rapidly diminishing snow as seen from the mountain's south-facing side, that this might be a pretty good time to see the falls flow fully.

However, we did get a little bit of a scare as we might have pushed our old vehicle up the winding mountain roads a bit too hard (the white smoke or steam rising from the front wheels or the hood indicated as such). Nonetheless, we got to see the falls, the car seems to still work OK (the overheating indicator never went on), and we're ready to take on yet another workweek somewhat relaxed by excursions like this.

I've updated the writeup for our San Antonio Falls page to reflect observations and experiences from today...

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