Sunday, March 14, 2010

Selection Sunday Waterfalls

Julie and I spent another Sunday visiting a couple more waterfalls in the Santa Monica Mountains. Originally, the hope was to re-visit Trail Canyon Falls, but the Station Fire last August nixed those plans. Nonetheless, we did re-visit a couple other haunts from early in our waterfalling days - Temescal Canyon Falls and Solstice Canyon Falls.

Given our late start thanks to us having to Spring forward for an hour (I really hate having to do this twice a year, and I still see no practical purpose for it), I had no chance to check out what happened regarding the NCAA Basketball Tournament this Selection Sunday. I'm sure I'll get a chance to see what our Office Pools might look like this week before the Big Dance begins, and since my school (UCLA) had a real bad year, I figured I didn't miss much enjoying the beautiful weather anyways.

So I just finished updating the World of Waterfalls to reflect our observations made from today. And I expect to have a travel story regarding today's excursion by tomorrow...

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