Thursday, March 18, 2010

Weekend Getaway

This week was spent being frustrated and angry at the new computer we were supposed to upgrade to in order to replace our 6-year-old PC. Last night, I ended up returning that computer.

The reason? Windoze 7.

Feels like a huge weight has been lifted after returning it. Now, we're looking into a Mac. And like that old argument about grocery shopping Whole Foods or Sprouts (expensive up front but payoff in less medical bills) versus Ralphs or Vons or some other chain supermarket (cheap up front potentially lots of medical conditions later), the whole Mac vs. PC debate follows a similar line (Mac expensive, but easier to use and more reliable vs. PC cheap up front, but big time headaches with dealing with Microsoft and resource hogging junkware).

OK, end of rant.

Why bring this up? Because we're headed for a little waterfalling getaway for the weekend on the California's Central Coast. We haven't been there in many years, and it felt like this getaway is well-timed. Look for updates from this region at the beginning of next week...

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