Saturday, April 17, 2010

Detian Waterfall / Ban Gioc Waterfall to be further developed for tourism in Vietnam

This is actually news that's a little over a week old, but since I'm too busy working long hours this week and this weekend (so I can't do any waterfalling), I mind as well share this bit of news.

Back when Julie and I visited the Detian Waterfall (at the wrong time of the year, mind you), we exclusively saw this trans-national waterfall from the China side. We didn't visit the Vietnam side because we weren't sure about the border-control ramifications.

Then, when news came out about Vietnam wanting to partner up with China to develop tourism more there, it definitely got our attention. Perhaps soon, it'll be easier to see the falls from both sides (like you can pretty easily do for Niagara Falls and Victoria Falls). And it might also be a reason for us to return.

It's also interesting to see that China and Vietnam once had a history of conflicts at the border here, but now are partnering up for tourism. Further reinforcing the notion that if you share your treasures, it could actually benefit you in more ways than you can imagine...

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