Tuesday, May 18, 2010

AAA - Aegean, Adriatic, Alps

Tomorrow, Julie and I embark on a four-week journey in what I'm calling the AAA trip - namely Greece (Aegean), Croatia (Adriatic), and Switzerland (Alps). Once again, we're aiming to see waterfalls in these countries, but we're also seeking to experience Southern European culture and history, which is something that's unique for me (I've never been to Europe outside Scandinavia) and a bit of a different experience for Julie, who had been to Europe on a whirlwind tour with her Mom a few years back.

Now while all this is said, there is a bit of uncertainty going on with this trip (seems like it's always the case with our trips [e.g. Kenya election, Zimbabwe election, Thailand coup, etc.]). In this case, it's the Greek economy (with associated protests, closures, and riots), the volcanic ash cloud from Iceland affecting much of the flight schedules across Europe, and even a British Airways strike that forced us to re-book (at a higher price with rearranged itinerary) with another airline at the last minute.

What can I say? That's life, and you've gotta roll with the punches.

As usual, stay tuned to the blog for updates on our trip as internet access and time become available...

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