Friday, June 4, 2010

A Split-ing Good Time

We're currently spending our last night in Split. For time being, we were taking a break from waterfalls by reacquainting ourselves with the charming pedestrian walking streets and alleyways that we're beginning to see is very characteristic of Croatian towns and cities. It started in Zagreb, then we saw some more of it in the tiny Skradin town, and now within the historical core of Split.

It wasn't unusual seeing hordes of tour groups snapping photos at every opportunity. Plus, we saw a lot more Americans than we expected. So we knew this must've been one of the prime tourist destinations even though we came to Croatia for the waterfalls. In truth, Split was an accidental base thinking that we could drive to Krka National Park and back, but I'm glad we made the last-minute accommodation changes and devoted a day-and-a-half to see the charming Split.

Next up, we're headed to Dubrovnik to end off the Croatia part of our AAA trip. Then the waterfalling continues (hopefully without too much complications from the strange weather) in Switzerland...

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