Friday, June 11, 2010

Waterfalls and a Waterfalling Break

The last couple of days saw a contrast in our activities while still basing ourselves out of Interlaken.

Two days ago, we visited both the Reichenbach Falls and Giessbach Falls. The winds were very violent and strong resulting in the closure of the funicular for Reichenbach Falls so I had to walk to its top and then to the other side of the funicular. And while the visit to the falls was satisfying, the physical toll it put on my knees wasn't fun (though some of it was on me since I ran down hill to ensure we'd have enough time to catch one of the infrequent boats on Lake Brienz to Giessbach Falls later in the day). But now, my left foot is still in pain and I have to limp whenever I'm walking for a ways.

Then, we eventually managed to visit Giessbach Falls, but it was kind of a rushed excursion. I dunno what it is about excursions involving boats, but they always seem to be rushed. Our experience at the Nachi Waterfall in Japan comes to mind.

Yesterday, we took a break and changed things up a bit with a visit to the Swiss capital of Bern. We felt this place really felt like time stood still where the buildings and cobblestone streets seem almost as they were when Einstein came up with his special theory of relativity here. It was pleasantly surprising to say the least.

Today, after waiting for 6 days, we're finally going to commit to doing the long day trip to Zermatt to hopefully see the Matterhorn. Unfortunately, the forecast doesn't seem to be any different than the previous 6 days and we may have to resign ourselves to not even having a glimpse of this iconic Swiss mountain. But I guess that's how it goes when mountains are involved since mountains are usually cloud magnets.

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