Sunday, September 19, 2010

Peace and Quiet

Today, we drove from Jasper all the way to Clearwater, British Columbia. The goal was to see Helmcken Falls, but we ended up seeing three other waterfalls in Spahats Falls, Dawson Falls, and Moul Falls in addition to Helmcken Falls (where fog was stubbornly concealing it for most of the day). All of these waterfalls were very legitimate waterfalls and they seemed to have high volume despite it being Autumn thanks to Western Canada's wet year.

But the one thing about this excursion that we didn't have while in Banff/Jasper region was that it was much quieter (though still not free of tour buses, which shocked us). And it wasn't until we hiked to Moul Falls did we finally get the peace and quiet that we usually seek out when going out into Nature.

Speaking of wet, we did indeed have a wet day as predicted by the weather forecast. From the latest storm, it appears that we're still in for another wet day tomorrow. Whether the storms will let up for the remainder of our last-minute trip to the Canadian Rockies and northwest Montana remain to be seen...

As for tomorrow, we're headed back to Jasper. We saw some signs for waterfalls we hadn't planned on seeing (let alone even knew about) so we hope to visit them en route. We also hope to check out Maligne Canyon and its waterfalls. For the day after, we expect to be checking out the waterfalls we deferred on the Icelands Parkway. Hopefully the weather won't be so bad that we won't be able to do them...

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