Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays!

About a month ago, I commented that Thanksgiving this year felt strange because it was the first time in a while (I believe 4 years) where we actually didn't go anywhere so we could spend time with family.

Well, this year's Christmas is the first time in 6 years where we're spending time at home and having dinner with the family.

We really had to think hard when was the last time we didn't go anywhere during this holiday period.

Last year, we made a return visit to New Zealand and made a quick stop in the Cook Islands.

In 2008-09, we waterfalled in Thailand and made a quick stop tomb raiding in Cambodia.

In 2007-08, we went to Argentina and Chile to waterfall in Patagonia as well as spend a few days checking out Buenos Aires.

In 2006-07, we spent a week in Kaua'i in northwestern Hawai'i.

Finally, in 2005-06, we spent a few days in Fiji. On that trip, we actually missed Christmas on the plane flying out of LAX on Christmas Eve, crossed the International Date Line, and landed in Nadi on Boxing Day. It was probably the emptiest international flight we ever took!

So I guess you can say we were long overdue for a family gathering at this time of year.

Wherever you may be, I'm sure you'll have your own cherished memories whether it's a low key family gathering or an adventure somewhere far from home. Whatever it may be, I'm sure there's a story to tell. And if you've got a waterfalling story or photos you'd like to share, please go right ahead. It's a sure-fire way to relive those times when they drift further into the past.

And with that, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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